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Spaghetti "alla chitarra" with peas and La Madia Cacio & Pepe

Ingredients for 6 servings :

500gr of Spaghetti “alla chitarra”, 1 jar of La Madia Cacio&Pepe, 200gr of boiled peas, 2 slices of toasted bread, 1 garlic clove, basil, salt, extra virgin olive oil.


Heat two spoon of oil and the unpeeled garlic clove in a pan. Add the peas and La Madia Cacio&Pepe and amalgamate. Cook the pasta in abundant salted water. Blend the slices of toasted bread with a knife.

Drain and stir fry the pasta with the sauce, add two or three glasses of cooking water.

Serve with the crumbs, basil and a drizzle of oil.

difficulty: easy - Time: 20 min

Product used: Cacio&Pepe

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